ISSUE 4 - 2022

Welcome, and congratulations to everyone who was part of another successful year in FISAF Sport Aerobics here in Australia!  This year has been a big one on many levels, and it was so great to have all events in a live format once again. 

This term, our most elite athletes competed at the World Championships in the Czech Republic, for which we are extremely proud.   Our development team also had some wonderful meetings with some of our Victorian clubs and schools, and also meetings with schools who look to be joining FISAF for the first time in 2023.

We hope you enjoy this final issue for the year. Thank you for your ongoing support, and for being a valued part of our Australian community.

- The FISAF Australia Team

2th - 4th November, Ostrava, Czech Republic

Congratulations to our Australian Team who travelled to Ostrava in the Czech Republic last month for the World Championships!

We are so proud to have such talented and dedicated athletes representing Australia.

A number of our athletes made it through to the finals and achieved some great results. A huge congratulations to those athletes who medaled in the finals!

FISAF Australia is proud of you all.



7       Coaches

36     Supporters

29     Performances

3       Australian Judges

2       Team Captains

1       Team Coach

2        Team Managers

19      Finalist Performances

3        World Champions    



6th Place - WORLD FINALIST - Kayla Jennings
9th Place - Semi Finalist - Katie Mckeague
12th Place - Semi Finalist - Elsie Barr


3rd Place - WORLD FINALIST - Rain

6th Place - WORLD FINALIST - Chloe Douglas
8th Place - WORLD FINALIST - Imogen Prentice

9th Place - Semi Finalist - Summer Rogers


5th Place - WORLD FINALIST - Leteisha Pirona
7th Place - WORLD FINALIST - Blair Fisher
8th Place - WORLD FINALIST - Baylee Caruso

11th Place - Semi Finalist - Tayla Patton
15th Place - Semi Finalist - Ruby Sills

7th Place - WORLD FINALIST - Blair & Ruby

7th Place - WORLD FINALIST - Love


4th Place - WORLD FINALIST - Victoria Lee
9th Place - Semi Finalist - Lily Miller
10th Place - Semi Finalist - Tahnee Bratanavicius
Preliminary Finalist - Chloe Davidson

Preliminary Finalist - Jillian Hugo

5th Place - WORLD FINALIST - Brooklyn & Paris
6th Place - WORLD FINALIST - Baylee & Ella
9th Place - Semi Finalist - Jillian & Emma

2nd Place - WORLD FINALIST - The Dancing Bullfighters
5th Place - WORLD FINALIST - EmpowerHER

2nd Place - WORLD FINALIST - B-Boys
4th Place - WORLD FINALIST - Manic
7th Place - WORLD FINALIST - Gone Rogue

1st Place - WORLD CHAMPION - Emma O'Keefe

1st Place - WORLD CHAMPION - Kelly & Carolyn


A very big thank you to our inspiring team leaders and officials who generously gave
their time to support this year's team and competition.  

Tahnee Bratanavicius - Team Captain
Emma O'Keeffe - Team Captain
Kira Trevarrow - Team Coach
Lucy Goddard - Travelling Team Manager
Tracey Speville - Team Manager
Kristy de Lore - Australian Judge
Deidre Bryant - Australian Judge
Gemma Macmillian - Australian Judge

17.07.1958 - 07.11.2022

In honour of Deidre's life and contribution to FISAF we would like to pay tribute to her in this issue.

Deidre was a highly-regarded and beloved member of the FISAF Community for over two decades.  She enriched our community in so many ways, for which we will be forever grateful. 

She was first introduced to the sport when her daughter, Casey, began competing with her school, and has immersed herself as an official in the sport ever since.

In 2003 Deidre became a judge for FISAF Australia, and in 2016 she gained international accreditation.  She has judged at both the European Championships and the World Championships on several occasions.  Deidre has long-held positions on numerous FISAF Australia committees, and the depth of her expertise and experience has been invaluable to the sport aerobics community.

Deidre also ran Champs Sport Aerobics on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, alongside her beloved daughter, Casey.  Together Deidre and Casey were so proud of what their members have achieved.  Deidre got so much joy in having three generations of her family involved in the sport together, and cherished it immensely. 

These past few weeks were exceptionally special for Deidre, as she travelled to the Czech Republic for the FISAF International World Championships, with Casey, her granddaughter Chloe, and the rest of the Australian Team.  It was Chloe’s first time competing at the World Championships, and Deidre was bursting with pride and shared her elation at Chloe’s success with her family, friends and colleagues.

Always willing to help, Deidre was of course happy to step in and assist on the International Judging Panel when another judge was unable to attend at the last minute.

Deidre Bryant
17.07.1958 - 07.11.2022
Forever Remembered

Deidre developed many deep friendships throughout her time in the sport, and we would like to acknowledge the impact she had on so many of us and the growth of sport aerobics in Australia.  We admire and appreciate Deidre most for her dedication, wisdom, support, and friendship.   

This year, we introduced our Community Contribution Award for the first time at our National Championships.  From this time forward, this award will be known as the Deidre Bryant Community Contribution Award, to honour the everlasting impact that Deidre made on our community.

Our hearts go out to Ken, Casey, Cheyne, Chloe and their extended family during this incredibly difficult time.

May you rest in peace, D.  
You will be greatly missed. xx

2023 Events Calendar and Information
All of our 2023 event dates are out, so if you haven't seen them yet please head to our website, or access it directly HERE. We are very excited about next year's event schedule so be sure to mark the dates in your diary!

You will also find our event, technical and guidelines documents on our website now too. If you have any questions, please contact us at

2023 Pre-Choreographed Packages
In 2023 we are offering 17 new pre-choreographed routines with fresh music to match!  We hope that you love them as much as we do. All packages are now available for purchase via our website.

We would like to give thanks to everyone who contributed to the production of the packages this year - especially our contributing choreographers who have done such a great job:
Brenton Andreoli
Nicole Courtie
Meg Ryan
Penny McKinlay
Gemma Macmillan
Holly Pereira
Lucy Goddard
Nikki Hind
New FISAF Officials & Committees Manager
Recently, we announced to our clubs, the creation of a new Officials & Committees Manager role at FISAF Australia. 

As we grow as a sport, we are dedicated to also grow our team to enable us to continually improve our events, resources & services to our members. These go hand in hand, and this is our commitment to the FISAF Australia community.  
It is with great excitement that we announce Tracey Speville will be taking on the role of 'Officials & Committees Manager.'

Tracey has been a valued and active member of our FISAF community, both nationally and internationally, for over 20 years. Since making the decision to finish her time as a club owner at Aerodance, this has opened up the opportunity to extend upon her involvement with FISAF Australia.

The key areas that fall within Tracey's role include:
  • Facilitating the FISAF Executive and Technical Committees
  • Action ‘Requests to Compete,’ and other such requests with the EC and TC
  • Organise judges' briefings, rosters and FRF's for all events
  • Managing the recruitment, training, and support of FISAF Australia Judges
  • Creating updated resources for coaching, training, and judging development
  • Assisting with any questions in relation to rules, regulations, and routine feedback, in collaboration with our team of Head Judges.
Please contact Tracey via email at if you would like to discuss any of the matters above.

For any administrative, event and any other general information, please continue to email Jade at

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