ISSUE 3 - 2022

Welcome to this latest issue of the FISAF Australia Quarterly!

What a season it has been so far, with just the World Championships competition left for this year!  We have seen unprecedented growth in all areas across the FISAF community this year which is wonderful!  More schools have offered sport aerobics to their students, we hosted a whopping 13 competitions across the states, and welcomed new clubs to FISAF as well.   We also welcomed a new and very special family member... our brand new mascot, Aero Ace, who enjoyed meeting everyone at the National Championships last month.

As the excitement settles following all of the competitions here in Australia this year, our International Stream athletes who were selected to represent Australia at the 2022 World Championships continue to train hard to prepare for their trip to the Czech Republic in November.

Here at the FISAF office, we are busy planning next year's events, preparing the pre-choreographed routines  and other resources, as well as reaching out to more budding athletes to join our awesome sport in 2023.

You'll find information about this and more in this issue, so please take a seat and enjoy reading all about it!

- The FISAF Australia Team

"Epic" is one of the words that people used to describe the vibe at this year's National Championships, which was held on the 8th - 11th September at Chandler Theatre in Brisbane.

The performances were amazing, the turnout was fantastic, the food & beverage options were delicious, and our fun & games team incorporated lots of fun activities to add to the excitement! To top it off, everyone got to meet our brand new mascot, Aero Ace, who lit up the stage with some impressive dance moves!

We were thrilled with the number of parents, grandparents, friends, teachers, principals and other
supporters that came along to watch their loved ones and students give it their all on stage!  We would like to thank everyone who travelled to the event from afar - we hope you all had a wonderful time in Brisbane.

Having waited three years for this Nationals, it was heart-warming to see all of the athletes and their coaches having such a great time, in the warm-up arena, the foyer, the back stage area, and most importantly on stage!

Thank you to our technical team, High Noon (AV), WinkiPop Media (photography), Events HD (videography), and Soul Arch Media (showreels). Also, to our amazing MC's, Jonny, Taylor and Ashlee, thank you for bringing your talent to the event, which added so much to the atmosphere!  There is so much that goes into running such a large event, and these roles are so important, and we appreciate you all.

All club and school coaches have received links to the professional videography and photos of the performances, so please contact your coach if you haven't received your child's footage yet.

Well done to everyone who participated at the event, and congratulations to those who are now our 2022 National Champions!

43          Hours
733        Performances   
16           Judges
1869      Athletes
230        Coaches
50          Schools
25          Clubs
1355      Medals
4245      Spectators

4th - 5th November, Ostrava, Czech Republic
One of the highlights of our National Championship competition is the International Stream athletes who perform in the hopes of being selected to represent Australia at the FISAF World Championships.  

During our International Stream Finals at Nationals, we witnessed some absolutely incredible performances from these athletes, and we feel so very proud of the team that has been selected.

The International Stream athletes invest a lot of time, energy and money into their training and competition travel. Thank you to everyone who has been involved in the many individual fund raising events recently - it is a very big help to the athletes!

- Katie Mckeague (Aerosport Allstars, VIC)
- Kayla Jennings (Industrie 1, QLD)
- Elsie Barr (Aerosport Allstars, VIC)

- Imogen Prentice (Newcastle Sport Aerobics, NSW)
- Summer Rogers (Industrie 1, QLD)
- Chloe Douglas (Champs Sport Aerobics, QLD)

- Leteisha Pirona (Newcastle Sport Aerobics, NSW)
- Baylee Caruso (Industrie 1, QLD)
- Blair FIsher (Newcastle Sport Aerobics, NSW)
- Tayla Patton (Gold Coast Sport Aerobics, QLD)
- Ruby Sills (Newcastle Sport Aerobics, NSW)

- Victoria Lee (Newcastle Sport Aerobics, NSW)
- Tahnee Bratanavicius (Aerosport Allstars, VIC)
- Lily Miller (Aerosport Allstars, VIC)
- Chloe Davidson (Newcastle Sport Aerobics, NSW)
- Jillian Hugo (VIvienne Lattimore Sport Aerobics, NSW)

- Emma O'Keeffe (Vivienne Lattimore Sport Aerobics, NSW)
- Blair & Ruby (Industrie 1, QLD)


- Jillian & Emma (Vivienne Lattimore Sport Aerobics, NSW)
- Baylee & Ella (Industrie 1, QLD)
- Brooklyn & Paris (B Wild, NSW)

- Kelly & Carolyn (Aerosport Allstars, VIC)

- Rain (Industrie 1, QLD)

- Love (Aerosport Allstars, VIC)

- EmpowerHER (Aeroblitz, SA)
- The Dancing Bullfighters (Vivienne Lattimore Sport Aerobics, NSW)

- B-Boys (Newcastle Sport Aerobics, NSW)
- Manic (Aerosport Allstars, VIC)
- Gone Rogue (Gold Coast Sport Aerobics, QLD)

Congratulations to everyone  who has been selected!
We are very proud to have you representing Australia on the the world stage in a few weeks time.
FISAF Australia wishes you all the best of luck.
We are very proud to have some remarkable individuals lead our team to the World Championships this year.  These people have been selected following a nomination and voting process that each club was invited to partake in.  

Congratulations to (pictured above, from left to right):
- Tahnee Bratanavicius - Team Captain (Aerosport Allstars, VIC)
- Emma O'Keeffe - Team Captain (Vivienne Lattimore Sport Aerobics, NSW)
- Kira Trevarrow - Team Coach (Aeroblitz, SA)
- Lucy Goddard - Travelling Team Manager (Industrie 1, QLD).

Thank you for leading and inspiring Team Australia in 2022!
Australian Team Manager:
Tracey Speville
We are delighted to have Tracey as the the Australian Team Manager again this year.  Tracey has performed this role for FISAF Australia for a number of years, and does an amazing job helping the athletes, coaches and supporters prepare for this important trip overseas.  

Australian Judge Representatives:
Gemma Macmillan (Sport Aerobics) & Kristy De Lore (Fitness)
A big thank you also to Gemma and Kirsty, who are volunteering their time to represent Australia on the World Championships Judging Panel. We are so proud to be represented by such professional, experienced, and passionate people and they will be a great asset to this years Judging Panel.


2023 Events Calendar and Information
We are almost finished working on the 2023 calendar and documentation for all of our competition streams. As soon as this is released, we will put the information up on our website and email all coaches to let them know. We expect this to be within the next few weeks.  

2023 Pre-Choreographed Packages
Our 2023 pre-choreographed packages are being developed at the moment, with the help of some very talented and experienced coaches from across each state.  

This year, we are preparing 17 new routines with fresh music to match.  As soon as they are released, we will add them to our online shop, and inform all clubs and schools.  
We understand there is a lot of excitement out there about the release of this information, so we are working as quickly as we can, and appreciate your patience.

It is with much excitement that we profile Brenton Andreoli in this issue!

Brenton has been involved in sport aerobics for 19 years. It was when he was in Grade 4 in his hometown in Victoria, that he auditioned for his school aerobics team. Surprisingly, after auditions he changed his mind and withdrew his interest, but luckily it was one of the teachers, Mrs. Mary Luke, who hunted him down in the playground and convinced him to reconsider!  She told him that she thought he had a lot of potential, and that the sport would really suit him given his dance and sporty background.  

The following year Brenton joined EKB club in Warrnambool to train and compete as an individual, which is where he discovered FISAF.  He trained hard, and loved performing on stage.  Brenton quickly progressed through to being asked to represent Australia at the European and the World Championships.  At this level, Brenton has won 7 World Titles and two European Titles across Individual, Duo and Trio categories.  He also spent time coaching athletes at Aerosport Allstars during this time which he loved as well.

Having had an amazing experience at the overseas competitions (and meeting so many lifelong friends in the process), Brenton decided to travel to the Czech Republic, where he was offered a coaching position at the Fitness Center Bary a Hanky Sulcove – that he proudly notes as the most successful club in the world, going by results at the international competition level.  He was welcomed as part of the family, and stayed for 8 years. During his time there, Brenton coached athletes to a vast amount of European and World Championship competitions where they succeeded in being awarded various medals in gold, silver and bronze.

Now that Brenton is back on home soil, he has taken to studying Physical Education and Sport Science at university, with a view to helping get as many young kids active as possible, and enjoying sport, no matter what level they are at.

Brenton says that he loves that the FISAF Australia community is like one big family.  He enjoys that every year he gets to “see the faces of people who had a big impact on me and have become lifelong friends”.  He appreciates that the growing community enables him to meet lots of new people who love the sport just as much as he does.

Brenton Andreoli

Owner & Head Coach, Capital Aerobic Academy
International Athlete
Australian Judge

From our perspective, we feel very lucky to have Brenton back in Australia.  Not only has he re-joined our Australian judging panel (as many would have seen at the competitions this year), but he also volunteers his time to be part of our Technical Committee.  His passion for the sport and wealth of experience and knowledge is a valuable addition to our community – as is his humorous nature!

We are so very excited to share that Brenton has taken the leap this year to start up his very own sport aerobics club called Capital Aerobic Academy, which is located in Cheltenham in the bayside area of Melbourne, Victoria.  

Brenton's goal for the club is to create an inclusive environment for his athletes, where staying fit and healthy is fun.  Brenton's club is suitable for athletes of all ages, levels and abilities, and registrations are now open.  

We wish Brenton every success with his new venture, and look forward to working with him on our committees, and at the competitions for many years to come!


Students and parents around Australia love sport aerobics, and we want to reach out to your school to get them involved as well!

The FISAF Australia School Stream offers a simplified approach to learning and performing aerobics to enable as many students to become involved in our amazing sport as possible.  

We have plenty of useful resources to help get a program going.  We also have a dedicated School Development Representative who has years of experience in running programs in schools who can help too.

If you would like your school to offer the sport that you love, please email us at  We would love to hear from you!

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