ISSUE 2 - 2022

Welcome to the second issue of the FISAF Australia Quarterly!

The season has kicked off with a bang and already Super Series is over, with athletes now preparing for the State Championships!

This year is our first year with six Super Series events, having added a new competition in Gladstone.   The final Super Series event occurred over the weekend at the Logan Metro Sports Complex in Brisbane, and boy was it a big one!   Thank you to those who attended and congratulations to everyone who participated in the Super Series events this year.

It's time now to focus on the State Championship events which kick off this weekend in both New South Wales and South Australia.  We are very excited to see all those attending!

Preparation for the National Championships is also well underway, and we have some special surprises in the works for everyone attending!  

Please enjoy reading this latest issue!

- The FISAF Australia Team

Well done to everyone who participated in this year's Super Series events!  We were very impressed with the performances, and loved seeing lots of familiar faces again - as well as many new faces too!

Super Series is an opportunity for athletes to perform their new routines on stage, and receive feedback from our judges to help them prepare for the State Championships.

This year our judges put extra effort into providing as much feedback as time allows, and we thank them for all of their hard work.  

Thank you to the clubs, schools and families who have supported these event. We look forward to welcoming you all again to your State Championships.

       6             Events                        

       20           Judges Involved           

       1169      Total Performances    

       2396      Medals Awarded

     Athletes Involved        
Sport Development is an extremely important activity for FISAF Australia as it enables more people to learn about and get involved in our sport, at the same time as helping clubs and schools further develop their programs and members. Through our full-time Sport Development Manager, we continue to invest in making our sport the very best it can be for everyone involved, both present and future.

Recently we have been looking at ways that we can expand education to assist new and existing coaches, clubs and school coordinators further develop their knowledge and skills. In the past we have developed materials specifically for new School Stream coaches to learn the fundamentals of the sport and effective ideas to assist with their coaching.  We have hosted a number of workshops that were live-streamed and recorded to enable us to continue sharing the content with coaches as they join FISAF.

We have begun development of short educational units on specific topics in partnership with FISAF Australia officials and other highly experienced and knowledgeable members of the community, to ensure the content is accurate, helpful, and relevant.

If you are a coach, club owner, or school coordinator, and would like to submit ideas for topics that we could look at, please email Natalie at

We look forward to updating you as this project progresses!

The season is heating up, so we wanted to provide some early information to assist with planning your trip to Nationals this year!

Following the completion of our Super Series events, and the State Championships beginning this weekend, we have been working to finalise the draft Nationals program to assist with your travel plans.

In the coming week we will be publishing a Nationals Visitor Guide which includes information about the locality, accommodation options and discounts, and other things to do and see during your stay.  Please keep an eye out on our Facebook page, and website, or contact your coach to get a copy once it is released.

Please click on the links below to access information about this season's events as it is released.

4 - 5 June 2022
Brussels, Belgium

The FISAF European Open Championships was held earlier this month, in Brussels.

We are very proud of our very own Lucy Goddard who attended the event as an Australian representative on the judging panel.  Lucy is also head of the International Technical Committee and volunteered her time to assist with running the event. Thank you Lucy for representing FISAF Australia to our international sport aerobics friends.


2 - 4 November 2022

Ostrava, Czech Republic

Planning is well underway for this year's World Championships!

For the first time in 3 years, qualifying International Stream athletes, coaches and their supporters will be able to travel to the event to compete alongside the world's most elite athletes in sport aerobics.  

To all of our International Stream athletes, we wish you all the best in your training and performances this year as you prepare for this exciting time.

2022 Judges, European Open Championships
sels, Belgium

JUDGE SPOTLIGHT  :  Deidre Bryant

It is our pleasure to spotlight Deidre in this issue!

Deidre has been involved in our sport for over 26 years, and she is a highly regarded member in our community.

She was first introduced to the sport when her daughter, Casey, began competing with her school, and has immersed herself as an official in the sport ever since. Deidre held the roles of General Member, Judging Coordinator, and Chairman for the Gymnastics Queensland Sport Aerobics Sport Management Committee for 8 years, and awarded 'Receiving Official of the Year' 4 years in a row.  Her roles have seen her contribute to technical regulations, chair meetings, liaise with the national co-ordinating committee and prepare newsletters for Gymnastics Queensland.   

It was in 2003 that Deidre became a judge for FISAF Australia, and in 2016 she gained International accreditation and judged at both the European Championships and World Championships.   

Her other passion is the club that Deidre runs with her daughter on the Sunshine Coast (QLD) called Champs Sports Aerobics.  Both Casey and Deidre are so proud of what their members achieve, and especially that Casey's daughter, Chloe, is one of their athletes.  Having three generations involved in the sport together is a very special thing.

Deidre loves seeing  athletes progress through each stream right up to the International Stream, and says that watching friendships that form between athletes from different states is one of the things she enjoys most.
Deidre Bryant
National and International FISAF Judge
Co-owner, Champs Sport Aerobics
Teacher Aide, Sunshine Beach State High School

Despite holding a full-time position at Sunshine Beach High School, and helping to run Champs, Deidre still finds the energy and time to continue to invest her time and expertise to the sport we all love.   

After so many years, she still enjoys judging at competitions and being an active member of the FISAF community.

Thank you Deidre for your dedication, wisdom, support, and of course, the laughs. 
We are so grateful to work with you.


Students and parents around Australia love sport aerobics, and we want to reach out to your school to get them involved as well!

The FISAF Australia School Stream offers a simplified approach to learning and performing aerobics to enable as many students to become involved in our amazing sport as possible.  

We have plenty of useful resources to help get a program going.  We also have a dedicated School Development Representative who has years of experience in running programs in schools who can help too.

If you would like your school to offer the sport that you love, please email us at  We would love to hear from you!

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