So another season comes to an end (albeit the latest time in any year that a season has ever finished)!

This year, especially, the spirit of our community has shown it’s strength and resilience, and we have enjoyed welcoming a number of new schools and clubs to FISAF.  

The School Stream, as many know, is a grass-roots opportunity for students to get involved in sport aerobics, which in many cases, is the beginning of a lifelong journey in fitness and wellbeing. Sport aerobics programs in schools benefits not only students and their school community as a whole, but also enables new clubs to form, and existing clubs to grow their membership base. It is heartwarming to see that more schools in Australia are choosing to offer sport aerobics, and to see the existing programs available continue to grow!

Our clubs, too, have continued to inspire us this year as we saw them adopt new strategies, implement fresh ideas, adapt their training delivery, and focus their efforts on providing a supportive and safe environment for all their members.  The passion, commitment, and experience that our clubs bring to the sport is wonderful, and we look forward to seeing them flourish in 2022 and beyond.  

Thank you to everyone involved in the FISAF Australia sport aerobics community. Your ongoing support and encouragement is important to all, in good times and the challenging times too. 

Whatever plans you, your family and your friends have for Christmas and into the new year, we wish you all a very safe and relaxing time ahead.

Look out 2022!

- The FISAF Australia Team

NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS - 9, 10 & 11 December
A big congratulations to everyone who participated in Nationals last week!  

Despite it being online this year we were delighted to have over 500 performances! This is a remarkable achievement, especially for NSW and VIC athletes who spent so many weeks in lockdown this year. Well done to everyone involved!

A link to the online livestream has been sent to all clubs and schools so if you would like to watch it please contact your coach!
The Event In Numbers...

506     Performances
24       Hours of competition across 3 days
8          Judges (and 1 Judge-in-training!)
1378   Athletes
138     Coaches
989     Medals awarded
1516   Participation Gifts delivered

To see the full list of results from the event, please click here.

12 December
We are so very proud of our Australian Team who recently participated in the World Championships!

Like Nationals, this was an online event.  Despite this, the commitment, training, and skill of all of our athletes was so very clear!

Well done to everyone involved, and congratulations on your excellent results!

To see a full version of the results click here.

To see a special showreel of our Aussie team members, please
click here.

Australian Team Results

Cadet Women Individual
8th Place - Summer Rogers (Industrie 1 Sport Aerobics)
9th Place – Chloe Douglas (Champs Sports Aerobics)

Junior Women Individual
4th Place – Baylee Caruso (Industrie 1 Sport Aerobics)
6th Place – Tayla Patton (Gold Coast Sport Aerobics)

Junior Aerobic Grande
6th Place – Glamourous (Activ8 SA)

Adult Women Individual
5th Place – Krystal Turnbull (Aeroblitz SA)
10th Place – Kala Melegh (Activ8 SA)

Adult Duo
2nd Place – Madelyn Calvert & Isabella Van Wijk (Industrie 1 Sport Aerobics)

Adult Trio
3rd Place – Rendezvous (Aeroblitz SA)

Adult Aerobic Performance
1st Place – Gladiators (Platinum Sport Aerobics)
3rd Place – Rocky (Aeroblitz SA)

Adult Aerobic Grande
4th Place – Mike (Aeroblitz SA)
6th Place – Missy (Activ8 SA)
8th Place – Senioritas (Gold Coast Sport Aerobics)

Next year brings with it the promise of a full season of live events!

That being said, all of our events next year will be run in line with Government regulations which will be communicated to all members ahead of each event.

For the upcoming season, we are delighted to add an extra Super Series competition, making it 6 Super Series events to be held from April through to June.

Super Series events are designed to be preparation opportunities for athletes to perform their new routines on stage and receive feedback from our judging panel.  Unlike the State Championship events, athletes can enter as many Super Series competitions as they like, regardless of which state/region they live.

Over the last few years FISAF Australia has invested time and resources in and around Gladstone (QLD) to help communities around central and northern Queensland get involved in our sport.  Due to the growing number of school and club athletes in the area, we will be hosting a Super Series event at the Gladstone Entertainment Convention Centre on the 21st - 22nd May.  

For details on next year's events, please click on the link below.


GUEST SPOTLIGHT: Justine Bratanavicius

Justine has been involved in FISAF Australia longer than most, and worn many hats in the process!

Having started dancing when she was just three, it wasn’t long before she found gymnastics and joined Essendon YMCA.  By seventeen, she was a Level 8 gymnast and coach, and by twenty, she discovered aerobics and became an instructor.  It was a close friend who suggested she try competing in her first aerobics competition, and since then she has never looked back!

In her early twenties, Justine got married, worked full time in sales for Gasmart, but continued her aerobics training.  It was when she paired up with fellow athlete, Jeff, for Mixed Pairs that they went on to represent Australia 5 times, and even won the Australasian Challenge together.   In one World Championship they were ranked 5th from 22 pairs.

“Justine’s Sport Aerobics” club was established in 1993 with 6 athletes, before eventually becoming “Aerosport Allstars”.  Twenty-eight years on, Justine has coached numerous world champions and medalists having been at their side during 16 World Championships. The club now has 100 members, and a great team who coach and choregraph routines. Justine is especially proud of her daughter Tahnee who she attributes much of the club’s success to today.  Justine herself is still an invested coach and helps to polish routines, and celebrates an expansion into NSW with her dear friend Kim. 

Justine is very well known in our community as a FISAF Australia and FISAF International Judge, having provided her time in this role for many years. She was also very instrumental in the establishment of the FISAF Australia Elementary Stream.

Perhaps one of the things that stands out the most for Justine about our community is the connection between members.  The friendships that the athletes form, she says, are lifelong and span across clubs which is something very special.

We are very grateful to Justine, and thank her for everything she does for the FISAF community and our sport.

Justine Bratanavicius
Owner, Aerosport All Stars
Australian & International Judge

Member, FISAF Advisory Panel

Outside of FISAF Justine shares her time between caring for her elderly mother, and working on two exciting new projects!

She is writing a book about her adoption, called "Chosen", and also developing a new skincare product to sleep in after getting a tan.  It's called "Tan Guardian". Be sure to keep an eye out for it -  it's bound to be the most diamante'd product on the shelf!
CLUB ATHLETES: Is your school offering sport aerobics in 2022?

Schools around Australia love being involved in FISAF, and we want yours to as well!  

The FISAF Australia School Stream offers a simplified approach to learning and performing aerobics to enable as many students to become involved in our amazing sport as possible.  

We have plenty of useful resources to help get a program going.  We also have a dedicated School Development Representative who has years of experience in running programs in schools who can help too.

If you would like your school to offer the sport that you love, please email us at  We would love to hear from you!

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